karen_03Hi, I’m Karen!

It is a true gift to share my artistic creations and designs with you! It is my intention to transform and inspire people on a large scale through the use of my unique, imaginative visual vocabulary while inspiring, bringing joy, love and healing to others. I am eternally grateful for all the people and resources that have continued to support me on my colorful artistic journey.  And a very big thank you to my amazing friend and brilliant artist Jacques Bredy, who gave me so much guidance, support and encouragement in the Art world.

As a highly creative being and self-taught fine artist living and raised in New York, I began at an early age expressing my emotions in journals using colored pencil. The pages exhibited colorful free-flowing images and designs that stemmed from my intuition and vivid imagination. I always carried my journal and colored pencils on my excursions and would express my creativity for hours on end. I was fortunate to have all the art supplies I could ever dream of and art books, which was purchased by my talented father, who is also an artist and inspired me to experiment in the art world.   My talented mother, a professional violinist/violist also encouraged me to work hard and chase after my dreams.

I begun to evolve this process organically, now exploring the spatial movement of color and elements of design and began to fill up sketch books with pages full of unique imagery, intricate designs, patterns, which is then translated into stationery, greeting cards and apparel. My process involves a unique and organic layering and design strategy full of color and style. It had been my dream to open a design studio for as long as I can remember and share my creations with the world. I am excited to offer a unique creative and colorful product line and I am truly blessed to share my creations!

At Prisma Journey Design, we are committed to a fine selection of products and original design. I am sure you will be more than satisfied. Enjoy your purchase!